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Facebook comments: Tag your friends

Blue boxes symbolize tagged friends.

Do you know following situation? There is an interesting post on facebook and you want to read the comments. But all you get is a lot of comments with people who tagged their friends. Sometimes it feels like the most of the comments are tagged friends and you stop searching for good comments. Time for a change.

Don’t misinterpret my concept. I love the function to tag friends and share articles, pictures, videos and GIFs on a new way, but it’s time for a clean solution. The idea is to collect all tagged people from the comment section and put it into an own area beside the „emoji reactions“.  You could see number of tags and get your focus back to the real content.

I hope Facebook will add a function like that, soon. ✌?

Mobile: Sharing content and save data.

Sometimes you read an article and want to share a specific part of it, not the whole page. Two ways to do this: Send the link to the website or take one or two screenshots of it. The problem of the second way is, it needs one or two screenshots (means 2MB of space and data volume of your phone). If you share it in a group with five peoples f.e., it means all in up to 10 MB for up- and download. Wouldn’t it be better to share only what you see? Without UI elements, advertising and so on.

The solutions could be the following: Mark the content you want to share and hit the share-button. If you post it in your favourite messenger, the other person(s) will see styled text and the selected pictures. For example there is a styled headline, copy and one picture – all together it would be the picture (f.e. 100kb), text and some css (f.e. 4kb) that makes 104kb – instead of 2MB. You and your five friends could save up to 95% of data volume and storage in this case.


Sound nice, huh? Right now it is a concept because of the limited functionality of WhatsApp, iMessage & Co. But they are on the right way with previewed website-snippets. And on one day … ?

InVisionApp: Fixed header in template

I use InVisionApp every day for prototyping and love to work with it. There are a lot of useful functions which are getting frequently improved. Here is a concept to add a fixed header or footer. Sometimes, there are 30 or 50 screens and that means: Edit every screen twice. In case the height of the header or footer (or sticky element) is changing, I need to adjust them again. All of them. Costs a lot of time and money. There should be an „add to template“-function.

Go for it, InVision!

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